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forest whispers silks

Forest Whispers Silks is a journey of our imagination

From the photography of Dewi Dian , sharing some of Nature’s Wonder with you.

The whispers came unbidden walking in our Ubud Hills,

in the quiet of the morning they came out playing,.

colours, reflections and flying little wings..

in the quiet,.. our hilltops, our valleys,

they sing again

Forest Whisper Silks
The images for Forest Whispers is captured by the macro lens. When looked upon closely, reveal little wings..

joy meeting morning

light teasing rain,

glowing darkness meets sweet petals breathing

fluttering wings

dew kissing dew whilst whispering wishes..

Forest Whispers Silks

Forest Whispers Shawl, Modelled by Magnolia.

Forest Whispers Shawls are 100% Silk Organza, sheer and yet rich in colour..

Dewi Dian’s Photography inspired Forest Whispers Silks. Celebrates Nature’s regeneration and abundance in our Ubud Hills.
The colours and wonder around us is rich and overflowing with new possibilities.

Read the story on how a photography lesson and the flying wings of Nyit brought ‘Forest Whispers Silks’ to life. ‘Wings and Things From Nyit‘ @ Sawidji Gallery.

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Fortitude, Photography by Dewi Dian Reich

Artfully, Heartfully, Sawidji

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