Something Red For Christmas

something red for christmas

Something Red For Christmas! Gift Ideas this holiday season from Sawidji With Love

Something Red For Christmas

Gift ideas this holiday season from Sawidji With Love

Sawidji With Love have put together some gift ideas for Christmas. Our theme is RED. Red in Balinese Indonesian culture is strongly associated with courage. To celebrate everyones courage facing the challenges of the past year, we have chosen red as our Holiday theme.From our double twill canvas tote bags, to special edition muslin red star scarves,.. to the very elegant Red Lines Silk Shawl. Our red designs are with special extras this holiday season.

This is Sawidji’s first Christmas since we began and Something Red For Christmas is a wonderful way to wrap the year. Everyone has worked so well and hard. Seeing everything come together is pretty special for us. That teamwork and the positive energy that has gathered throughout the year. Supporting each other and channelling their focus into positive, creative directions. This has been an immense blessing. It is with this gratitude, that we enter into our first Christmas. We hope in some small way our stories through our Gallery Sawidji.com and our creations here have been enjoyed and wish everyone a safe happy Holiday Season.

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