Sunny Dreams Sarongs and Shawls

Sunny Dreams Sarongs and Shawls

Morning Brings.. Sunny Dreams

Sunny Dreams

Sunny Dreams Sarongs and Shawls come from the dappled shade of Forest Whispers and into the bright sunshine. The magic of the forest brings the wonder of light. A silky feast of colour. Natures own selections.

Sunny Dreams Sarongs and Shawls.. Inspiration

The colours of Sunny Dreams s come from the surprising captures made by the macro lens. Looking through the camera, on early morning walks. Capturing the reflections of dew and light. These images are magnified and we see the wonderful beauty that is always there but often hidden to an uninterested passer by.

Following the same pattern of the journey that brought us Forest Whispers, Sunny Dreams is quite naturally the transformations we encounter from the dappled shades of our forests into the open sunny rice fields and wildflowers.

From the photography by Dewi Dian, the captures of light is what inspired the Sunny Dreams Sarongs and Shawls. Sunny Dreams are very generous in its dimensions. They are more than able to be worn as a sarong or wraparound sarong dress. The lightness of the silk cotton blend makes this a wonderful feature across seasons.

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