Natural silks and dyes

Natural silks and dyes

all natural silks and dyes

Here, we present some additions to our Natural (Organic) Hand Dyed range with two very special pieces. They are as a standalone, art in their own right. Unique and individual. No two batches of natural hand dyeing can be guaranteed to be the same. However that is part of their charm.

Our Leafy Teak Silk Shirt and Sumi Silk Shirt are both luxurious. The gorgeous silk cotton blend is the perfect balance between silky elegance and comfortable, natural fashion.

The Newcomers

Sumi Silk Shirt, is elegant and modern. Hand Dyed by our artisans in the North of Bali using all organic, locally sourced materials. The design is inspired by asian calligraphy whereby the simplicity of the black ink and brushwork holds so much beauty and meaning . The result is this wonderful piece that is both classical and modern. This premium silk cotton blend is dominant on the silk. The texture of silk is very tangible in elegance and shine. However the balance of the cotton blend makes it one that is comfortable to wear.

The wide loose style with accented wide sleeves that accompany the wide boat neck makes this design flattering, eye-catching in an understated way. We love our full back button design, though a little extra work, it is a little offbeat whilst still a classic.

Leafy Teak Silk Shirt is great whether for smart casual daywear or an evening out, it is a shirt in your wardrobe that is happy to accomodate your mood or social engagement.. The leaves of the Teak Tree are used in this process, hence the name of our beautiful shirt. Teak is such a sought after and admired wood in Asia. Whether in Bali further afield, Teak is prized as a strong and beautiful wood for furniture or artistic pieces by carvers and sculptors. The leaves of the teak tree varies in colour, depending on our seasons. The age of the leaves causes the dye to vary from a silver sheen on the silk to a golden colour.

It is not surprising that the large broad leaves of this tree is the main subject of our piece.

We hope you enjoy our two very special new additions. We have some exciting designs coming in the new year. Our organic hand dyed pieces is one area that we are truly enjoying. We hope you enjoy them too.

Leafy Teak and Sumi Silk Shirts are modelled here beautifully by Ketut Sudiani. Part of Sawidji Gallery Community.

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