Red Pansy Pillow Case Set

Endek Bali, The handwoven cloth of Bali

Endek bali: traditional ikat

ndek Bali Decor, ..as far as history shows, it was always important for Balinese people to have a skill.  Especially developing something creative. uncommon in Bali, it is a way of identifying who we are as well as a form of legacy for future generations.

Although Endek can be traced back to the 18th century, its fast development only began since the 80’s. The origin of Endek is in Gelgel Klungkung during the reign of King Dalem Waturenggong. He developed this skill amongst his people, especially in Sulang Village.

Balinese Endek fabric often displays themes from flora fauna and natural landscapes. As shown here in our Sawidji Pillow Case Sets in our Endek Decor range. Which reminds us of the colours from the nature around us so central in every part of our daily lives here.

Endek Bali
Red Pansy Pillow Case Set

from natural dyes. This has become a special quality associated with this fabric. Sawidji Pillow Cases are also combined with 100% organic natural cotton. The piping around each pillow case is also lined with ikat fabric to compliment each design.

Today, Balinese Endek enjoys a lasting popularity. A noticeable revival. Amongst Balinese as well as foreigners. Perhaps most notable is Christian Dior’s collaboration with this industry and using the Balinese Endek in Dior Designs.

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