Bamboos and Tigers.. Naturally..

Bamboos and Tigers is a great new addition to the new year for Sawidji With Love. The past year has been full of many creative projects. Our first designs were printed on bamboo sarongs we begin this new year with some releases of natural bamboo shawls and tops. Inspired by the Lunar New Year of the Tiger our new additions brings together the beautiful rustic colours of organic dyes in the stripes of the tiger on natural bamboo fabric.

It didn’t appear in a day

Natural Bamboo is trending very much but it has been around for a very long time. An exceptional resource for thousands of years in many cultures. In the west bamboo made its first appearance in fashion in the 1800’s as the bones of ladies corsets and dresses.

However, recently, the mechanical process that has been perfected to transform the Bamboo into a fibre that can be woven is why we have this wonderful fabric being far more popular today. Be mindful that not all ‘Bamboo products’ are ‘natural bamboo’. This depends on the process that is used to produce it. There are two processes mechanical and chemical.

Generally, Bamboo that is produced through a mechanical process is what is called ‘Natural Bamboo’. When bamboo is processed chemically it is rendered to being far more like rayon and loses much of its natural properties. Which is why Natural Bamboo is still noticeably more expensive than its counterpart.

BENEFITS of Natural Bamboo Fabric

ABSORBENT. Natural bamboo fabric is have some amazing properties that you may already know. For example it is 40% more absorbent than the finest organic cotton. Bamboo has its ability to stay warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather. With ultra violet protection as well as its anti static qualities.

STRONG. For anyone who has worn natural bamboo will know just how fine and soft this fabric is to wear. Which is why it is somewhat surprising that one of its features is how strong and resilient this material is.

ANTI MICROBIAL. Not only is it comfortable and soft it is also a very hygienic material that have anti fungal and anti microbial properties. Making this very popular for bed sheets and pillow cases as well.

SUSTAINABLE. We get natural bamboo through a mechanical process (not a chemical one). Its eco friendly and wonderful for its sustainability. It yields 50 times more fibre per acre than cotton.

We hope to bring more wonderful creations for you with natural bamboo. In the meantime, take a look through what we already have made from this wonderful material.

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