an exotic springtime at sawidj

Exotic Springtime in Sawidji

Flora and Fauna Inspiring Bamboo Sarongs

Exotic Springtime celebrates Nature’s abundance around us. The ripeness both of colours warm and cool inspiring our natural bamboo sarongs. Vibrant and fresh. They are dedicated to the Flora and Fauna of our tropical home. Which has for a long time been the inspiration of many traditional artists in Ubud.


The Star Sarong, an original Sawidji design handprinted on Natural Bamboo. Our Bamboo sarongs are generous in size. The bamboo textile is renowned for its softness as well as its durability. In addition to its wonderful texture, they have added benefits of being antimicrobial as well as sustainable for the environment. Strictly for pleasure though, they make for a lush and comfortable addition to any spring and summer wardrobe.

Star Sarong, natural bamboo
Natural Bamboo handprinted with Sawidji’s Blue Star Design

Stars and starlight,. beauty and bravery, travelling through worlds to give light and inspiration.


Star Sarong

Dancing Sunrise

Dancing Sunrise was inspired by the colours of Dawn and Watery Rose Apples. Fruits that are pink and lush,  and not commonly known. A fruit that we often find in our own or neighbouring garden.

Dancing Sunrise Sarong

Both the dawn and the watery rose apples are everyday things that get overlooked. Yet when we do take a moment to enjoy them, they offer amazing flavours to all our senses.

Natural Bamboo Sarong

Flowering Brave

Colours serve an important role in Balinese culture. They hold a meaning and serve as another language between us and Nature. Generally, yellow signifies prosperity. Red for courage, white for purity and black for transformations. The colours of the Tridatu is the inspiration of our Flowering Brave Design.

Natural Bamboo Sawidji With Love

The simple philosophy behind these three colours is integral to Balinese identity. White awakens goodness in spirit. Red is creativity and bravery, whilst black is akin to power or protection.

Flowering Brave Sarong


Flower Light Sarong

Inspired by rambling blossoms of white flowers in our hills. Often you see a climbing vine that have gorgeous large white flowers climbing over the trees and overgrown grasses (Thunbergia Grandiflora).

Flower Light Sarong

needing no platitudes, the flowers in the wild bloom beautiful and strong, even in the dark..

an exotic springtime

Tradition and Community

Sawidji Exotic Springtime Sarongs are modelled here by the daughters of our community Jhun, Ketut and Kadek.  Sarongs can be worn in many different ways. In Bali, the ‘sarong’ or ‘kamben’ is part of our traditional dress both for men and women. For women, traditional costume often includes an elaborate head dress of gold or silver pieces. We truly enjoyed combining elements from our traditional styling  with a colourful, natural freshness .

Sawidji With Love



Vije Boutique Resort


Special Note of Thanks

This past week, our team worked on a photoshoot project at Vije Boutique Resort. For our natural bamboo collection as well as our silk collection. A heartfelt thank you to Krisna and the team at Vije for their wonderful hospitality and welcome. Providing a warm, elegant yet cosy home away from home for Sawidji during this project. We appreciate the warmth and feeling of comfort that was provided to us that in itself contributed to the success of our work. Thank you to our Team of friends and collaborators for all their support and contributions.

For a behind the scenes look at our Exotic Springtime Photoshoot check out our SawidjiWithlove on instagram




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