Pondok Canvas Bags

Pondok by Sawidji

A City Bag with a Country Personality

The Pondok Bags bring together the original designs by Sawidji. Continuing on with our of love of canvas and leather, in simple classic lines. A bag with plenty of understated personality. ‘Pondok’ in Indonesian translates to ‘Cottage’ or ‘Hut’. A Place, somewhere far out of town. The Pondok Series is a little bit like that. It can go into town with you but it comes from somewhere a little further way. A city bag with a country personality.

The Green Pondok Canvas Bag is A Sling Bag, A duffle, a Tote all rolled into one tubular variation.

It is understated. Not a bag you take out once or twice for an outing. Its a bag that can wear the days with you, with a laugh.

Pondok is a little cottage out of town.

The personality of the Pondok Collection is just like that.

Green Pondok gives all the comfort of a day in the country whilst Sunny Pondok gives an urban edge.. Perhaps a bright sunny day in town

The Pondok Messenger Bags Take our popular Canvas and Leather Design in Forest and Sand and combined with the Pondok Canvas Print. The Messenger Bags are also available in Green and Sunny Yellow.

One for the girls. Enough for your phone, your keys and your lipstick with no space for clutter. For a girls night or day out. a petite little addition

Pondok Canvas artwork inspired by artist Dewa Tresnadi’s self portrait in collaboration with Sawidji Designs.


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