Babad Silk Shawls

Babad Silk Shawls Inspired by the Classics

‘Babad’ translates to ‘History’. The Babad series celebrates the beauty and spirit of Balinese Classical Arts. From the paintings of our traditional artists in collaboration with Sawidji With Love.

The Babad Silk Shawls are printed on premium silks and linen silks blends. Original works by Sawidji Artist Collective for limited release.

Menara Night

The Menara Night Silk Shawl is a limited release in Linen Silk. Deep greens and purples play together in an elegant combination. An exquisite texture, this shawl comes together beautifully as a wrap around top or sarong. Also available in 100% Silk organza.

Menara Night Silk Shawl
Menara Night Silk Shawl in Linen Silk and Silk Organza modelled by Sudiana.

Menara Dusk

The stunning Menara design in a bold lilac and green palette. The linen silk variation worn here as an off the shoulder piece.

Babad Silk Shawl
Menara Dusk Silk Shawl modelled by Jhun.

Black Lines Silk Shawl

Black Lines Silk Shawl
Black Lines Silk Organza

The simplicity of black lines of Indian ink made by a bamboo brush, at the beginning of every painting is the design behind the Black and Red Lines Silk Shawls. The lines that are sketched on a canvas has a raw appeal.

Organza silk has an enchanting transparency whilst being voluminous and airy. It holds itself and makes for a unique and charming feature to your style.

Babad Linen Silk

With the sketches of the Sidakarya Mask Dance as feature of this print, the texture and earthiness of the colours makes this Babad Linen Silk a beautiful commemoration of something really timeless in Balinese culture. Also available in Organza Silk.

Red Lines Silk Shawl

The Black Lines Design in a bold fiery red. Strong and yet still delicate.

Babad Silk Shawls

Red Lines Silk Shawl in Organza Silk modelled by Meliani.

Babad Silk Shawls
The Babad Silks by Sawidji With Love.
Babad Silk Shawls
Babad Silk Shawls worn in a traditional Balinese way by Jhun.

Which one is your favourite?

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