Yoga, Wellness and the Art of Collaboration

An Interview with Kadek Artuti Pradnya, Yoga Instructor

Yoga, Wellness and the Art of Collaboration

Yoga, Wellness and Art are three words that are in danger of losing their value. They are circulated in excess. Commercialised to the point of inflation. If property value is in danger of inflation, it is the regulatory bodies that can help to manage this. If wellness and spirituality is what is being commercialised one cannot regulate this, because this is a freedom. They are areas of personal development and expression that may often be subjective.

However, it is not a disadvantage to be more informed. The practice of Yoga, the search for spiritual meaning, identity and purpose are human instinctual endeavours. Each person traverses through their own journey. The important point made here is that this is an inflated market. Due to popularity and rigorous demand, the subject of wellness, yoga and spirituality is a highly commercial commodity. When a market is open in this way you will have all kinds of products and services saturating that market.

How do you choose what is right for you? As a community, Sawidji feels keenly the importance of positive and open collaboration. Not only for our internal community but this also flows on to the wider community that read our articles. The positive sharing of information hopefully will be helpful for others to navigate the ‘saturated commercial’ world of wellness.

Sawidji With Love article on wellness and Yoga

Today we have with us Kadek Artuti Pradnya, who is a Yoga Instructor at Mannat Wellness and founder of Shanti Toya Ashram.

Manat Wellness is a company that focuses on mental, physical, and spiritual health. What we love about this is that it is community focused and collaborative. Working together with such positive energy makes our world full of inspiration and joy.

The other wonderful aspect of Mannat Wellness is the commitment to quality and professionalism. Because someones’ health and wellness is not something that is to be taken advantage of. It needs to be cared for with a serious degree of responsibility. A large number of well trained and experienced consultants collaborate together and provide services through Mannat Wellness.

The range and versatility of Mannat Wellness programs have adapted during the challenges of the pandemic to provide wellness programs even online. Their aim is to bring as many people as possible into the fold of wellness. “We all need a bit of healing. We are in this journey, together.” Mannat Wellness.

So here at Sawidji, we are doing a spotlight on Mannat Wellness, featuring interviews with their instructors. Getting to know a little about them and how they approach life through their practice.

Sawidji With Love article on wellness and Yoga collaboration

An Interview with Kadek Artuti Pradnya from Mannat Wellness

sawidji with love wellness article

Pradnya, would you mind telling us a little about your background?

“I am from Gulingan Mengwi,  Bali. Gulingan is where Taman Ayun Unesco world heritage temple is from. I have done traditional Balinese dance since I was very little. At one point my father got a job in Java and we moved to Yogyakarta. There I had the opportunity to study with Didik Nini Thowok. My dance studies even expanded to western dance like latin, tango, hip hop.. salsa and contemporary dance. I was a dance teacher for many years but also a graduate of Hospitality.”

Yoga Wellness and collaboration

When did you start Yoga?

“The real yoga practice in asanas I started 20 years ago. Before that I already practice meditation from a young age I felt close with Nature. Connecting to a higher power. This is quite natural for a Balinese. I would go to temple and I use to pray there, that was when I started spiritual practice. Natural progression to study the asana study.I feel it is how I find my happiness. Other things do not make me so happy, but this makes me happy.”

In my twenties I went to Yoga Barn and met Meghan, the owner of Yoga Barn. She gave me opportunity to do the teacher training. I got a job there teaching children yoga. and then after a few years there I was offered a job in a hotel in North Bali. I was managing the recreational department there for two years. We travelled to Malaysia to learn manager training and also work in a hotel there. From there I have travelled to several countries whilst working with this hotel as they had branches in different locations.

What about Yoga today do you like the most?

I am more of a traditionalist in yoga, I am not really involved with the new things that are coming up now. I am more traditional. The Yoga I practice is based on Vaishnava tradition from Bengali India. It is a whole complete system of yoga. Complete system means it is not only one aspect of yoga practice, it is all of them together in one whole system. Based on an old traditional system. We try to find our roots. We ask the questions who are we? who am I? On this earth, where are we going? In the Yoga system I learned we study everything. Mudras, philosophy, breathing, meditation and positions.

Did Yoga impact your life?

Yes. It brings me so much beyond my expectation. So many benefits. So much blessing in my life by connecting to Yoga. It gave me meaning, purpose. Teaching me discipline and how to achieve the goals I have set. Maybe because of this you do not feel lost in your life. Yoga helps on emotional, mental as well as physical levels as well.

How did you become part of Manat Wellness?

One of our mutual friends. is also a teacher at Mannat Wellness. When Mike was having teacher training program, he was looking for a teacher, I was recommended by a friend . It is a great opportunity to collaborate, working together in this way is a good thing to do. It expands your wings. I often come from the feeling of ‘How can I serve you?.. How can I help you?.. then I can share.’ I believe people meet because they need each other. Often it is like this, the Universe knows what people need.

Dewi Dian ManButur Sawidji Photography

How do you think Yoga has changed in the past 15 years?

It is more like a rainbow now. Many different colours, you can find many different types of Yoga. You just have to take your time and find what’s right for you. Take a good look at what’s going and use your discrimination. Sometimes people practice something without making a connection to the tradition, to its history. As human beings we like to make new things and change things. Sometimes this means we don’t have a strong foundation, because we don’t know its roots.

Learning and teaching takes real time and connection. Yoga is traditionally passed on person to person as an oral tradition. Not theoretical. You need to sit with your teacher for long periods of time. I believe you just have to do your best and people will see that intention.

ManButur Sawidji Fine Art Photography

Yoga ,Wellness, Art and Collaboration

Kadek Artuti Pradnya is pretty amazing. She was obout to go on her honeymoon when Mike from Mannat Wellness asked if she could spare the time to do a photoshoot with us here at Sawidji and do an interview. She was here with her husband. They both are fantastic team players. Pradnya demonstrated her wonderful yoga positions. She participated enthusiastically to my idea of combining the expressions of art and yoga together. Our photoshoot and interview was something that I enjoyed very much.

Sawidji is really happy to bring light on the amazing works and efforts by so many in our community. Mannat Wellness is certainly one centre that you will find an abundance of positivity, healing and genuine guidance. Mike Myers, at the head of Mannat is passionate about it and it shows in everything they do.

They understand that everybody is different. They are flexible and tailor custom programs for different needs. Amidst all the fast paced businesses that have lessened the personal touch, it is refreshing to find a company that is still keeping things real and personal.

To find out more about Mannat Wellness and their full of goodness programs click on their logo.

Mannat Wellness

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