Windy Ariestasia

Eclectic Crochets by Windy Ariestasia

Eclectic Crochets by Windy Ariestasia, natural threads for organic living. A new eclectic summer collection at Sawidji With Love.

Original design that is beautifully hand crocheted using a range of organic, recycled cotton and bamboo. The wonderful creations of Windy Ariestasia.

Windy Ariestasia

I love seeing beauty of the world. I like art, creating and being creative..

Summer Goddess
Summer Goddess Bikini Top

Summer Goddess Bikini Top

The Summer Goddess Crochet Bikini Top is hand crocheted using organic cotton. One of Windy Ariestasia’s personal favourites in the eclectic crochet series. Modelled here by the creator and designer herself.

Terracotta Halter Top

A gorgeous design in a vintage revival. Earthy and feminine. A classic revisit to the mood of the 70’s. Windy Ariestasia exudes this vintage style with an edge. An injection of the city. A touch of the edge today along with the vintage.

Not Naked Bikini Top

The understated elegance of nude has a charm of its own. Windy created several halter tops in a deep maroon, coral, mauve and nude. They are stunning for summer wear and as an evening top to be worn with a blazer or summer jacket for those wanting to step out of the norm.

Goddess Beginning Bikini Set

The crochet bikini boomed in the 70’s. Beautiful styles will always come back. Here it is back with a unique flavour. The natural and edgy style of the artist herself coming through her creations. Earthy and urban all in one.

Mad About Mauve Bikini Top

A signature crochet in a cotton loom in an elegant dusty mauve.

Deep, rich and seductive, this gorgeous halter bikini top is a stunning yet modest addition in this collection.

Hera Corset

Windy Ariestasia has a love of old legends and myths. Tales of Gods and Goddeses seem to come through in the names of her works. The Goddess Hera for instance, is who the inspiration behind this corset.

Oceana Diamond Halter

Oceana Diamond Halter. One of the simplest designs, made with a soft combination of turquoise and beige. Makes a stunning impression for a special occasion.

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