The Artist Within

The Artist Within with Yasmin Robles

The Artist Within..

Yasmin Robles thrives on being creative. She is writer, blogger, content creator amongst many other things. A woman who can handle a lot of different tasks However, painting is very much a personal process for Yas.

To help me process and understand my own personal journey. Helps me process particularly difficult situations and maybe accept them..

Yasmin Robles
The Artist Within Yasmin Robles at Sawidji With Love

The Artist Within is a conversation with Yaz about a series of works that she created. Through them, she is sharing with us the uncanny way our subconscious, perhaps inner wisdom comes through and gives us our own personal revelations. Sawidji is born out of our love for Nature and Art and Knowledge.

Yasmin’s insight and personal sharing shows us just how freeing and affirming it can be to let your inner intuition and creativity come through artistic expressions. Yas shares with us a series of works that was completed over a period of time. They reveal in their own way many remarkable things to Yaz, about herself.

The Artist Within with Yasmin Robles at Sawidji With Love

Yaz is a woman who is in touch with her creative side. Besides being a graduate of journalism, she enjoys many different things. From owning her own pizza restaurant, to writing a book, or organising creative art markets for our community, she does this all through her wonderful relationship with her own inner artist.

The artist within does not worry about what other people will think. The artist within Yaz is very wise and gives her clues about herself that she may yet still to understand.

The Artist Within with Yasmin Robles at Sawidji With Love

Brain Fog

“During the worst of covid, I really tried to get out of my head. Everything was blurry there was no shape to anything.. this is why I call this brain fog, I don’t know what it means,,.. but maybe there are three parts. Like a yin and yang. Maybe between stagnancy and propulsion. Fire is energy of the sun and I feel this means inspiration and creativity.” ~Yaz

When Yaz was recovering from Covid she painted this image ‘Brain Fog’. Not worrying about making sense of it she just let the expression and the articulation of her inner vision come through. On the small canvas, there were three circular shapes, moving from black to a mixture in the middle and then to a bright orange at the top. Even though she was in a foggy state of mind, her inner artist seems to know that she was coming out of a dark, heavy period into a time of creativity.

Mystical Underpants

Then there is the second piece… there already started to be a shape,.. maybe a bird maybe a butterfly,.. rope from paper bag from Anomali Cafe.. underwear that was bitten by my dog..” ~ Yaz

Perhaps with this use of something personal and private Yaz was feeling a little exposed and less than ready. Torn underwear put on display with the fragility of butterflies and birds may be revealing a sense of vulnerability. For a woman who is independent and capable, being this ill for long period of time is probably something that turned her world inside out.

The Artist Within with Yasmin Robles at Sawidji With Love
The Artist Within with Yasmin Robles at Sawidji With Love


Isolation, self recycled, old leaf falls down to the earth becomes food for the roots and feed the trees again, circle of life,.. beautiful view optimism even though we can not move out and about, there is still beauty ,.. we need to be able to accept reality,..“~ Yaz

In this piece, Yaz appears to be experiencing the hope of regeneration and growth. A tree has strong roots and the use of recycled products indicate that we may not be brand new but still strong. That we keep growing.

Hathors’ Crown

“In ‘Hathor’ Crown’, Hathor has many symbolic meanings. The one that was moving my heart was the image of the crown. To feel the confidence. Character is cheerful, like dancing. Sexy and sensual. Feeling a connection to the symbolism that each deity represents.” ~Yaz

In this piece there is the ground and a ring. Through that she felt that she needed to stay grounded. To experience the lotus. Hathor’s crown is like dancing happiness and joy.,Energetic, fertile and feminine. Above Her there is more of the sky indicating a hierarchy of power.

The Artist Within with Yasmin Robles at Sawidji With Love
The Artist Within with Yasmin Robles at Sawidji With Love


there is A person who looks like they are praying and needing protection and healing. I was going through recuperation.


In ‘Meditation’ the symbolism is rich with Horus’ energy. Symbolised here by the Falcon. The mixed media of Batik used as the matt that the praying person is seated upon keeps the presence of Yasmin’s traditional roots and origins within this piece.

Ancient Egyptian Soul. I am muslim, but perhaps I feel a strong connection to past life connections. The possibility that our past lives carry through into our present. I am drawn to Ancient Egyptian Spirituality.

Horus is an Ancient God. Maybe because I was so weak physically from being sick, I needed a powerful God to help me.


Yaz references many Egyptian symbols in the later pieces. With a great depth of meaning through them. They were like pieces of a puzzle in her own mind. Why did they come out? Why was it that she felt compelled to paint and express these particular symbols? When each image would emerge, there is a process of reflection, to find the relevance and meaning that they carry. In relation to the experiences and challenges we may be going through. The artist within each of us is often generous and wise, giving us clues to better understand the path we are on.

Soul Mate

The Artist Within with Yasmin Robles at Sawidji With Love
Soul Mate

“Many months then passed before there was another piece that would reveal more of the story. Of this personal process. The internal process being represented through the paintings. It started in April this year again. In January I started with breath work. A little bit of a psychedelic journey. I see pyramid. I see something at the top of the pyramid. Then I see sunlight. But then at the time I wanted to paint this.. there was a question..

What is the connection between Hathor and Horus? Searching.. actually I found out they were husband and wife.. So I was moved to make them in one frame.. soul mate.. man and woman. Then at the end they finally meet.. lion on the pyramid.. The two halves are united. They are whole.” ~Yaz

So Yaz was able to make sense of what this series means only after the final piece was done. Perhaps that in itself is art imitating life. Isn’t that the case with many of our experiences. We can’t see what everything means or what it will lead to before we go through it. Then we look at it and can see the bigger picture. The artist within Yasmin reflected her journey. The paintings reflected her recovery journey. Towards the end the pieces came to a completion. From their isolated parts into a piece that reflects balance and wholeness.

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