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For Men, Linen Classics

Linen shirts for Men. Keeping it simple. In classic collar and Mao collar. Sawidji with love, relaxed simplicity.

for Men linen classic
Classic Linen Shirt for Men

Mens Linen Shirt Round Collar

Classic Mens Linen Shirt is a short sleeve everyday staple. Featuring a nice tapered style, versatile for relaxed outings or smart casual events. Fresh, cool and comfortable with several colours available. Wear with your favourite Chinos or denims for timeless masculine styling.

The Mens Linen Collection uses linen prepared through two separate processes. Our linen are pre-washed for softness and goes through a Sand Washed process. Sand washed linen is the perfect example of stylish but comfortable casual wear.  That have a unique texture which adds to its simple elegant sheen. This dual process combined  makes our linen very comfortable and cool to wear.

Classic Mens Linen Shirt

For Men Linen classics available in red, khaki, sky and white.

for men linen classics

Sawidji linen classics, relaxed, quality linen for Men.

Left to right: Our team during the catalog photoshoot earlier in 2022. Kaprus Jaya, Dewa Made Merta Buana, Krishna Sutrisna, ManButur Suantara and Dewi Dian behind the camera.

For Men by Sawidji

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