Forest Silk and Bamboo

Forest, Silk and Bamboo

Earlier this year Sawidji visited Sangeh Monkey Forest for a day of creativity and exploration. We enjoyed the wonder of the ancient Forest through our Pure Expression Painting Class. Sawidji With Love celebrates our beautiful Forests and we return to Sangeh Monkey Forest for a special edition photoshoot. Featuring limited editions from Forest Whispers Silk Collection and Organic Bamboo Shawls.

Forest Whispers II. Sangeh Monkey Forest. Photography by ManButur Sawidji Photography

Forest Whispers II Silk Shawl is printed on 100% Silk Organza. Delicate yet strong, through its surreal colours right to the translucency of the silk organza. Transparent but still rich and immersed with vivid colours bringing much beauty to our senses. An exquisite texture and voluminous body, this shawl presents beautifully as a feature for your day or evening styling.

Forest Whispers Red

Amongst the giant Pala Trees of Sangeh Monkey Forest, the Forest Whispers Red Silk reflected the rich colours of the trees’ textures beautifully.

Forest Whispers Blue Silk Shawl

Organza silk has an enchanting transparency whilst being voluminous and airy. It holds itself and makes for a unique and charming feature to your style. Despite its delicacy, silk organza is stronger than what its appearance may suggest.

Sawidji With Love Forest Silk and Bamboo. Photoshoot in Sangeh Monkey Forest. ManButur Sawidji Photography.
Forest Whispers Blue

Forest Silk and Bamboo

Organic textile, natural dyes.

Simple, strong and stunning.

Forest Silk and Bamboo. Photography by ManButur Sawidji
Bamboo Duet Organic Shawl

Natural Bamboo textile is quite an amazing material. More absorbent than cotton, antimicrobial and 10 times stronger than cotton despite its softness. Natural Bamboo also offers wonderfully sustainable alternatives for many of our textile industries.

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Sangeh Monkey Forest Photography by Dewi Dian Sawidji Gallery.

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