Naturally Hand Dyed

there’s many opportunities to make a positive difference you just have to do it

About sawidji, at the heart of sawidji is a community built on honesty, empathy and teamwork. gratitude for the abundance given to us from nature. valuing the creativity we have been given and putting them to good purpose.

artfully, heartfully, sawidji

sawidji with love, is where our community collaborates together creating designs that capture this purpose, this feeling. we do this through our objective to nurture our traditional arts, our culture and heritage.

Getting to the art of the matter

We have come to be everything that we are today from our artistic foundation. From the inspiration of artists, carvers, sculptors, it is from this community that Sawidji is born. It would be difficult to separate the art from anything we do. It is everywhere in our community.

The products we design and make are inspired by our community. That is at the core of Sawidji. In order to nurture the art and culture of our heritage we are finding new paths to grow and learn together.

it takes courage to try something. For it to be something worthwhile

Dewa Made Merta Buana

In Sawidji, we are experiencing many things for the first time. Learning new skills, a new language. Learning a new confidence. What is not new, is this deep love of our culture, Nature and art. This is deeply ingrained in our hearts and a well of strength and inspiration.

About Sawidji
Limited Edition Bag Kaprus Kintamani Rucksack

from our artists and artisans direct To you

Unlike many business models we are probably going a little bit against the usual flow. Much of our designs has been part of our own team development. What bonds us together and strengthens our teamwork. We look to each other, to Nature and our art. Bringing it into the creative projects to enjoy whilst being relevant, well made and meaningful for life today.

It stands for the courage that we are finding and discovery of the strength within us as a community. We have to come together, to bring our talents in a united direction as an answer to the challenges we face today as a community.

To find out more about what drives Sawidji and our founding vision to gather focus and value back into our traditional arts, you can explore the Sawidji Gallery story at Sawidji.Com

sawidji artist collective

Our artist and artist community is also part of our team. Sawidji operates together but in two distinct areas. Our product and designs are a team effort and to learn more about the artists and artisans who make up Sawidji visit our Artists page on our Sawidji Gallery website.

We are Sawidji

We come from all directions, a mix of skills and personalities. Together, with a united direction, we are fortunate for all the new experiences and achievements we undergo together.