Flowering Brave Sarong is one of four, in Sawidji’s first designs in fashion and accessories. It is handprinted on natural bamboo. Very cool and comfortable to wear. The size of this sarong generous, measuring 180cm in length, ideal for it  to be wrapped around the body into a sarong dress.

Sawidji’s purpose is to collaborate and incorporate Balinese art into  relevant designs for everyday wear. In this instance, deriving inspiration from the vibrant colours of Flora Fauna paintings of Pengosekan.

Cultural Note: Tridatu Colours

First of all, the red, black and white colours of the Flowering Brave Sarong are seen everywhere.  Associated with ceremony in Bali. This is because the three colours are the colours of the Balinese Holy Trinity. It may be said, this is a pragmatic and profound philosophy. The symbolism of the three colours are;

  • White awakens goodness in spirit and purity.
  • Red evokes courage and the power of creation and creativity.
  • Black alludes to power and/or protection.

The three colours are often worn on the hand as a bracelet made up of the three colour string wound together. Therefore, this bracelet is also known as the Tridatu.


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Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 5 cm

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