Forest Whispers Red Silk Shawl is a Limited Edition of Sawidji Silks.

Forest Whispers Red, is one of our Limited Editions. Forest Whispers Red Shawl is printed on 100% Silk  Organza. The other worldly quality of the series is clear. First of all, through its surreal colours right through to the translucency of the silk organza. Transparent but still rich and immersed with vivid colours  that brings so much beauty to our senses.

The Story behind the Photographs

There is actually a story of how the photographs came to be with such surprising colours. Upon our morning walks, Dewi notices white flying objects called ‘Nyit’. They are a similar size to fruit flies, however they are generally white in colour. And so, they were coming up and appearing out of nowhere.

As part of a photography exercise, Dewi used these tiny flying creatures to demonstrate the skills for quick manual focus, with a tricky depth of field. Whether it be outside or indoors in our own studio, there is always much to learn. With mesmerising results! Catching them flying by the lens is amazing.  They keep following us on our walks, wispy guardians of the forest.

Also, the bokeh of reflections  on the  water and environment around us, creates this wonderful interaction of colours. This is how the Forest Whispers Collection began.

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Gentle Wash

Hand wash it separately by hand is safest. Just don’t wring it out too harshly or you’ll destroy the texture.You can launder it in gentle cycle in the washing machine. Use a cool or warm setting and don’t include anything else in the load that might catch on it. For example; zippers and hooks from bras and other garments. Do not use bleach. Add a quarter-cup of white vinegar to the rinse to remove any leftover soap. The vinegar will keep the shine in the organza silk, unlike most detergents that might dull it. Finally, give it another rinse to make sure the vinegar is properly removed.

Dry Delicately

Avoid any drying dangers by either hanging or laying your organza garment out flat to air dry. Keep it away from direct heat. Hang it and smooth out the creases as much as possible before it’s completely dry to reduce ironing.

Careful Ironing

Start with the iron on a very low setting and build it up if as needed. You can test the iron on a hidden inside spot so any damage won’t show. Add a layer of protection by placing a damp cloth between the iron and the organza. You can also hang your shawl in the bathroom to allow steam from hot water take out most of the creases. This will reduce the need for hard ironing.


Hanging in your cupboard poses the possibility that it may catch on something. The delicate fabric can easily get caught on hangers, zips and fasteners. So avoid damage by carefully folding the shawl and storing it out of harm’s way in a box, drawer, or on a shelf. Layering white tissue paper, preferably acid-free, between the folds will reduce creasing. Avoid storing organza in plastic bags, as they can trap damp and cause mold. They can also create an acidic environment that can damage organza.


Sawidji thanks Classroom.Synonym.Com for their very helpful guide on care of Organza Silk.

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 4 cm

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