Green Onyx Pillar Earrings

Green Onyx Pillar Earrings is designed by Dewi Dian and made by Dode Handcrafted Jewellery. The earrings measure 35mm by approx 4mm set in 925 silver. It is designed with the complimenting Green Onyx Pillar Pendant. Our natural gemstones are hand polished with no chemical polisher. It is 100% from manual polishing to get the perfect colour and shine that is a known characteristic of Dode Handcrafted Jewellery.

Green Onyx is associated with aspects of self discipline, willpower and strength. This Earring design takes the shape of the Pillar to reinforce certain qualities. For example, support pillars of any structure requires strength and stability. The key elements of self mastery are what is associated with this stone.

The first two designs by Dewi Dian for Sawidji in collaboration with Dode Handcrafted Jewellery celebrates Sawidji core values. The Seed and the Pillars. The Seed of Inspiration from Nature and the Pillars of self discipline and strength to achieve it.



About Green Onyx

Allowing for a calm state of mind that one is then able to call upon our inner endurance and persistence to achieve what we have set our mind to. The green variety of Onyx is said to stimulate these traits directly from the heart.  Traits such as endurance, persistence and self mastery. A stone said to aid in aiding in confidence and blocking negative energy.

Green Onyx is may sometimes be mistaken for Emerald and Jade. However it is actually quite different in its formation as well as structure. It is formed through the layering of Chalcedony and Quartz in a cryptocrystalline formation, whilst Emerald is of a Beryl formation. This stone has a hardness of 6.5-7, similar to other varieties of Onyx. It is found in  in Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Peru, and USA.



Higher Self
Unity of Heart and Will

Chakras: Heart

Green Onyx Pillar Earrings is designed by Dewi Dian and made by Dewa Dode Partha of Sawidji Gallery.

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Weight ,5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 4 cm

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