Inclusion Quartz Monday Trio

Inclusion Quartz Monday Trio is a set of Molybdenite Quartz.

Keywords: Balance, grounding, strength, centredness and stability.

Elements: Earth and Water

Chakras: All

The Molybdenite crystal is the name given to Quartz that originate from Sumatra that have inclusions of Molybdenum. The Quartz themselves are a silicon dioxide crystal with a hexagonal(trigonal) crystal system and hardness of 7. the Molybdenum itself is an elemental metal.

Molybdenite Quartz is a stone associated with harmony, stability and groundedness. It can aid in keeping one’s focus throughout difficult times to help achieve one’s goals. Its wholesome influence is one that helps to hold clear intention to overcome obstacles.

Due to its strong balancing qualities, it is often recommended to aid in the maintenance of the body’s overall health  and keeping its natural equilibrium. Quite beautifully, it has been said that it is in some ways an emblem of the Tao, the flowing water of life that modestly persists until obstacles are overcome.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm

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