Kaprus Kintamani Rucksack Original Art is the wonderful art of Kaprus Jaya to accompany your travels. it is a Limited Edition Bag. Kaprus Jaya’s art is intuitive, spontaneous and raw. One of the artists’ primary joys is travelling. To experience new places and be out in nature. The  design is modelled on the artists’ own very personal bag, that has accompanied him on his many travels.

Artist Reflections

“Everyday when I travel somewhere I have my art materials with me. Along with a book to write in. I have had the same rucksack that has gone with me everywhere. I am happy when I see this bag for the first time, with my artwork on it. I’m always painting on my clothes, on my bags and many things that I wear. It makes me truly happy to think that a bag like the Kaprus Rucksack will be enjoyed by others and my art accompany them on their travels.”

~ Kaprus Jaya

Kaprus Kintamani Rucksack is a limited edition bag. It is special, no two bags will ever be released the same. Each piece is an original art apparel.


Rucksack..a Little Trivia

The term ‘backpack’ is a term coined in the United States to refer to the backpack (or sacks) that you carry on your back. Whereas, the word rucksack is the German origin word “Rucken” meaning “back”, while sack means “bag” or the pack. Therefore, the rucksack is basically a larger and improved backpack


Kaprus Kintamani Rucksack is a Limited Edition Bag.Handmade in Bali with the finest care and quality materials along with the original art of Contemporary Artist Kaprus Jaya.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 15 cm

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