Nana Rasukan Salt and Pepper, is part of a very special collection. Its design comes from the design of Dewi Dian’s own Grandmother’s kebaya. Adapted into a modern article, for smart casual occasions. As an outer shirt, or on its own. Its a versatile piece that adds a unique touch to your own ensemble.

With a unique collar line that you can wear folded or upturned, shapes an elegant v-neck that is popular with many. The three buttons down the shirt front mimics the old tradition of applying decorative safety pins along the front of the traditional kebaya. Usually, this is a set of three.

The Nana Rasukan is available in a selection of beautiful eclectic 100% organic cotton and bamboo fabrics, each with its own accented features. Whether simple and elegant, earthy or cool we bring themes close to our hearts into the Nana Rasukan Range.

About Nana Rasukan Salt and Pepper

As mentioned above, the Nana Rasukan Collection is inspired by Dewi Dian’s very special Grandmother. It is the style of her kebaya that is the basis of the Nana Rasukan Style. Originally, the traditional kebaya from late 60’s onwards was made of a thin cotton Paris or otherwise lightweight cotton fabric. It is more often colourful and printed rather than plain. In the two new additions we bring Nana Rasukan ‘Tumeric’ and ‘Salt and Pepper’. ¬†Grandmother having been an amazing cook. It is because memory of her dishes and her presence in the kitchen is one that brings many of the colours, aromas and tastes back.



Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 3 cm

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