River Quartz Silver Pendant

A River Quartz Silver Pendant in a doubled pointed hexagonal crystal. It measures 35mm by approx 9mm set in 925 silver. The silver necklace is a rolo chain measuring 50cm in total. 6cm is an adjustable o-ring segment for adjustable length down the décolletage.

The Clear Quartz for this beautiful River Quartz Silver Pendant is born out of the crystals from the island of Sumatra. The wonderful thing about the crystals found here, they are not mined, they are found and collected from the forest rivers of Sumatra. They are washed by the river currents naturally unearthed from the mountain rock beds and caves.

The River Quartz piece is hand polished with no chemical polisher. It is 100% from manual polishing to get the perfect clarity and shine that is so attributed to the Quartz Crystal.

The Clear Quartz Silver Pendant is a silicone dioxide mineral with hexagonal (trigonal) crystal system with a hardness of 7.

Keywords: This Crystal is associated with vibrational applications of stones, vitamins and water. It is an energy amplifier.

Elements: Wind and Storm

Chakras: All Chakras

River Quartz Pendant is designed by Dewa Dode Partha of Sawidji Gallery.

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Weight ,5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 4 cm

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